Last Rebels: Pin-ups and sketches


Here’s a look at some of the Last Rebel pieces you won’t see in the comic. Some are from the process of making the comic and some were done by friends of Turncoat.CoverEW

Here’s the line art from the cover by Eva Widermann. See her facebook page here.


Here is Hayley Mulcahy’s pin-up. See the fantastic Cork lady’s art page here.last_rebel_charlie_aabo

This is a sketch by Life Signs artist Charlie Aabo. Click here to see some wonderful insights into his own comic, Jon Pay PI.The-Last-Rebel-lr

Barry Keegan was kind enough to do a version of our hero to go along with his  Irish Comic News review. You can see his blog here.


Here’s a character design sketch up by Last Rebel artist Stefanie Reville. Check her blog out here.


This is a Stephen Mooney pin-up he did for I’m Awake, I’m Alive last year. He’s busy drawing for DC Comics these days. Check out his website and twitter.


Speaking of I’m Awake, I’m Alive, here’s the line art of the cover by Will Sliney, currently the artist on Spider-Man 2099. You can see more from him on twitter.


Here’s frequent Turncoat collaborator Kevin Keane’s pin-up of Last Rebel. See his page here.


Here’s Brian Corcoran’s pin-up with colours by Last Rebel creator Chris O’Halloran…..


and here’s the black and white version. See more from Brian here.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Last Rebel while they last. You can order them from here on the site.